Unwanted Reality

5/24/2023   by Matt Lewellyn

I'm sitting in the kitchen again, holding the child who won't stop kicking and screaming. Closer to teen than toddler, my child left rational thought behind a while ago. A switch flipped, and here we are. Here we've been, really - many times over many months.

When we deal with extreme behaviors, we are often (rightly) so focused on the parenting of it and the child's experience, we don't deal with our own story in those moments. When it becomes a more pronounced point in our story, though, we must take the opportunity to reflect.

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5/9/2023   by Matt Lewellyn

Who wins the shouting matches that go on inside your head?

We spend our lives cultivating coping mechanisms to survive the war between the flesh and the Spirit. When we've spent a lifetime learning one way of doing spirituality - let alone mental wellness - imagining another approach becomes almost impossible.

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Guard the Garden

4/6/2023   by Matt Lewellyn

Where would you go to meet Jesus in the most holy of moments in his earthly life and ministry? Take your pick. Birth? Baptism? Sermon on the Mount? Lazarus rising?

There is a moment in the Christ story more holy than any other. And not one of his disciples was there. While our experience is certainly not equal to his, let's look at how it can resonate deeply.

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Remaining Darkness

3/30/2023   by Matt Lewellyn

I came across an article at Desiring God called, “The Shadow We Cannot Shake: What to Do When Darkness Remains.” My soul was disquieted by it - when reading articles like that, the "encouragement" there can have the opposite effect. That is, they add to our shame.

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2/18/2023   by Matt Lewellyn

You may have heard the news - there's revival happening in Kentucky. At a college chapel service, one thing led to another, and now hundreds of people are descending to catch a glimpse of this new work of the Holy Spirit.

I told myself I shouldn't publish this one. But we can make assumptions about what the mature Christian looks like - what they're composed of internally, how they respond to events like this.

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2/2/2023   by Matt Lewellyn

You won't hear it in church very often. It probably won't be obvious if you look around you. Most likely, though, someone around you is in the process of internally tearing apart tenets and building blocks of their faith.

It's not so interesting that many have found reasons compelling enough (to them) to set aside the faith. No - what's interesting is how the church responds.

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I Was

1/16/2023   by Matt Lewellyn

When we talk about our testimonies or why someone ought to come to Jesus, let's be clear about what the expectations are. Coming to Jesus does not mean all our problems are solved. It does not mean anxiety should be resolved, depression changed to joy, addiction replaced with agency.

What's the "before" and "after" in your life? Is your experience normal?

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The Veil

1/6/2023   by Matt Lewellyn

Awareness of the veil doesn't solve the veil, so we become fascinated with probing the edges of this experience. We explore the margins where souls are caught in purgatories constructed by the hands of men and of demons. We fixate on this veil, in the face of hell itself - daring God to show up.

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12/25/2022   by Matt Lewellyn

I had the privilege of giving the brief message this morning at Franklin Street Church. The focus here on Christmas Day is Christ being Immanuel: God with us. The God who cares about our baggage, struggles, and weaknesses far more than we ever can.

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Still Life

9/27/2022   by Matt Lewellyn

I want my life to be like a great movie. I can picture it in my mind sometimes - starting from the past, where I've been. The present is usually the middle part of the script, when the protagonist (that's always me) runs into some problems. Some of those problems are new. Others have been there since the beginning. Some are from the actions of various antagonists. Others are troubles of my own making.

But thinking of life that way brings some unexpected psychological pressures that can trip us up. Especially when hardship enters the picture - how do we put past, present, and future together?

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