What is the Fog?

Feeling disoriented. Less-than. Anxious. Depressed. The voice inside you saying you're not good enough, smart enough, suave enough, or able enough. That feeling that you don't belong and you don't have a voice.

When we pair this up with trying to live the Christian life, things turn upside-down on us. What should give us hope, ends up causing despair. What should be answers, turn into more and more questions.

And as much as we want to switch it off, we can't.

You are not alone. Let's explore life's fog with fresh eyes. Let's encounter Jesus there with uninhibited honesty.

What is the Fog like?

  • I feel like a second-class Christian.
  • I'm not hearing God's voice.
  • My faith is smaller than my circumstances.
  • I keep walking away from Jesus.
  • I deal with depression/anxiety/etc.

Where does the Fog come from?

The specifics are different for each of us. Some of us are here because of clinical depression or anxiety. Some of us have specfic trauma. Others among us just have a natural tendency toward a fog existence.

We may have been in the fog for a short time or most of our lives. As you read the book, you may discover you've been in the fog longer than you thought, and you're just starting to become aware. The more we are aware of the fog, the less it rules our lives.

What do I do?

Read the book! Really - this isn't a plug for that one weird trick that will blow the fog away. This is real life, where our reality is not measuring up - we need to gain awareness and start the process of rewiring our neural networks. Start with the book, and the path may become more clear.

Also, head on over to the Fog Life Blog for occasional posts that zero in on specific topics and concepts.